"...if you're going to scream, scream with me
moments like this never last..."
The Misfits, "Hybrid Moments" -


The Suburban Vamps is a band on the cutting edge of an ever changing music scene, and it happened completely by chance.

The band, featuring guitarist/vocalist Tony Leicht, Bassist Darren Denenberg,, and drummer Mike Walker first formed as a
side project to find something missing in their respective bands. Simultaneously influenced by the Sex Pistols and Cheap Trick,
monster movies and Hollywood tabloids, the band recorded a quick demo and was soon hailed as the next big power-pop-punk
outfit by the local press. Paying little attention to labels and trends, the band continued to write their music on their own terms.
The Suburban Vamps soon grew to be a hometown phenomenon, and a second demo proved that the band was no fluke.
Having outgrown punk's bad-on-purpose aesthetic, The Vamps were ready to remake rock in their own image, and they had
the imagination (and the Atari collection) to prove it.

The latest chapter in The Suburban Vamps fable starts having released their first full-length independent album, "Happy Songs
 of Despair
", engineered by the same group responsible for the Spin Doctors and Deep Purple, and led to their song "
Surf Vamps" being included on the Sony Playstation game "Roadrash-Jailbreak". Their second album, "Positively Negative"  was produced by
Drew Mazurek, who is best known for his work with Linkin Park, Godhead, and David Bowie, and subsequently produced their
latest release, "Time Heals Nothing", which has spawned the crossover hit "
Vampire Girl". Already a generation ahead of their contemporaries, The Suburban Vamps always stay true to punk and bubblegum, power pop and rock and roll, Redd Kross and
The Misfits, anarchy and public access television. Their time is whenever it's fun; their time is their version of now.